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About André

About André Durette

Success in labour relations depends on identifying and overcoming barriers to resolution. André can help you with these objectives, be it by mediation or by arbitration.

He will serve as a neutral third party to effectively resolve workplace disputes through mediation. If the parties are unable to reach a solution through mediation, or if the situation calls for a formal process, he will instead conduct an arbitration hearing with the parties in order to complete the dispute resolution this way.

Labour and Employment

Arbitration and Mediation



Helping people achieve labour peace and harmony with fairness, knowledge, compassion and a view to the long term relations between the parties, while respecting Canadian labour relations tradition and jurisprudence.


To be viewed as solution enabler. To provide clarity. To satisfy all parties of their need to be heard and to understand the drivers of conflict and its resolution. 

My Practice Area

Labour Arbitration

When jointly appointed by unions and employers under the terms of their collective agreement, I will chair hearings for the formal resolution of grievances. The parties can also ask for a mediation of the matter at the outset of the hearing.

Labour and Employment Mediation

As an alternative to labour arbitration, unions and employers may opt to mediate one or a group of outstanding grievances for efficient resolution. Similarly, I can be jointly appointed to mediate disputes between non-unionized employees and their employers

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