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Labour Arbitrator and Mediator

André Durette

This is André Durette

Bilingual (English/French) labour arbitration and mediation services, specializing in North-Eastern Ontario, but available throughout the province. 


What My Clients Are Saying

I have no reservation in recommending Andre. I have worked closely with him in the strategic management of human resources. He is an excellent resource, accessible and honest when offering advice and opinions. His comments show great vision and he exclusively acts with integrity, consistency and effectively balances the needs of the organization and its people. I value his opinion and am appreciative of the support he has afforded me in finding solutions within my School.

Dan Draper, retired dean

Why Hiring André is

Always A Wise Move?


André has been licensed to practice law in Ontario since 1997. Successful adjudication

starts with competent understanding of the relevant area of the law.


As a recent entrant to the profession of arbitration, André can book a hearing date on relatively short notice, and if necessary, continuation dates are also a snap. 

Solutions Through People

People are complex. They have multiple and often competing personal and professional interests. André has the ability to work with people and understand their interests, which serves him well in resolving disputes.

20 Years 

of Experience

As an in-house labour relations practitioner for two decades, including leading a Human Resources department for many of those years, André understands workplace conflict first hand, and has helped resolve a wide variety of cases. 

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