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Labour Arbitrator and Mediator

André Durette

This is André Durette

Bilingual (English/French) labour arbitration and mediation services, based in Kitchener-Waterloo (as of Fall 2024), available throughout Ontario 



Who Are My Clients?

At the moment, I am hearing grievances in the broader public sector. I am open to expanding that activity, and to add private sector labour arbitration and mediation.


Why Hiring André as an Arbitrator is

a Wise Move:


André has been licensed to practice law in Ontario since 1997. Successful adjudication

starts with an understanding of the law and its development.

Public Tribunal Vice-Chair

As an Order-in-Council appointee, André has decided dozens of appeals at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal, and continues to do so part-time.

Solutions Through People

People are complex. They have multiple and often competing personal and professional interests. André can understand and help balance these.

20 Years In-House

As a labour relations practitioner for two decades, including leading a Human Resources department, André understands workplace conflict first hand, and has helped resolve a wide variety of cases. 

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